I utilize the ancient energy within juniper or piñon, by slicing a chosen section of a branch, then reorganizing its sequence into a shape which pleases me.

Sliced Juniper

‘Ducks in a Row’ Sliced Juniper and enamel, 8in. x 48in.
'Untitled' Sliced Juniper and black enamel, 30in. x varying width
'Untitled' Sliced Juniper and red enamel, 11in. x 12in.
'Peachy' Sliced Juniper, 8in. x 19in. x 16in.
'Triple Jetty' Sliced Juniper, 24in. x 24in. x 20in.

Sliced Piñon

'Untitled' Sliced Piñon​ and oil paint, 28in. x 20in.
'Untitled' Sliced Piñon and oil paint, 6ft. x varying width​ (detail)
'Untitled' Sliced Piñon and oil paint, 10in. x 18in.